FREEDOM means having Time.
For something NEW,
something that's yours.

Here, time is whatever you want it to be. So why not take advantage of it to freely embrace experiences and activities? Do something new and different; make memories. Everyone will find something new to discover here, regardless of age.



Experience the plains by admiring the local fauna and flora on a walk or a photo expedition, hike the footpaths and trails, take to the skies in a hot-air balloon, do some star-gazing, or come down to earth and help take care of the orchard. Here, nature gives you everything you need.


Sample a selection of dishes inspired by the local cuisine. Or enjoy a uniquely different breakfast by going for a morning picnic. Perhaps you feel more tempted by a cooking workshop and some wine-tasting to awaken all of your senses? But whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be delicious.


Even more experiences for you to TRY

If we’ve aroused your curiosity and you’d like to try other activities, workshops, or treatments, we have plenty more to offer.

From pottery workshops to spa treatments for the whole family. From animal yoga for the youngsters to planting and harvesting as a family.